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ATEX & IECEx Certified Compact Digital and Thermal Camera: TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM

  • ATEX and IECEx Certified
  • Adaptive thermal blending
  • 5 megapixel digital camera with automatic, motorized focus. Capture high resolution visual images
  • Ultrabright LED flash
  • Manufactured from lightweight but tough, aircraft grade aluminium, TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM weighs in at less than 400grams
  • WIFI Download images directly to your tablet or smartphone with the CorDEX CONNECT Mobile app or via an onboard webserver.
  • Rechargeable removable battery
  • Powerful LED flash for low light imaging
  • Using CorDEX EMA, DIGITHERM can measure from -10C to +380C with accuracy upto 2% or 2degrees.
  • Sleek and rugged compact design
  • Alarm triggered recording
  • Soft touch buttons for ease of use
  • Never run out of memory thanks to the removable CorDEX Memory card
  • Motorised optical focus

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