근접센서 Proximity Sensors
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SICK 근접센서 - Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors Provid non- Contact detection of a wide variety of objects and media. SICK's Sensors are perfectly suited to industrial applications and requirements.

SiCK's inductive, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors offer a long service life, extreme ruggedness and the utmost precision. SICK intelligently and reliably solves industry-specific and individual automation tasks.

Inductive Proximity Sensors

나사타입 : IM04, IM05, IM08, IM12, IM18, IM30, IME08, IME12, IME18, IME30
식음료공장용 : IMF12, IMF18, IMB08, IMB12, IMB18, IMB30
원통형 : IH03, IH04, IH06, IH20, IH34
각주형 : IQ05, IQ08, IQ10, IQ12, IQ40, IQ80

Capacitive proximity Sensors

원통형 : CM12, CM18, CM30
각주형 : CQ28, CQ35

Magnetic sensors

나사타입/각주형 : MM08, MM12, MM18, MQ10
실린더 센서 : MZ2Q, MZN1/RZN1, MZT6/RZT6, MZZ1 MZR1

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